Contextual Essay (BCM 325 Final DA)


The concept for this Digital Artefact(DA) was to get the feedback of other bloggers and my fellow students from my blogs that are available on my blog site. I post them on Twitter whenever I write something so people from Twitter can also have a look. So the way I did my artefact was first, by reading the comments on my previous blogs if I received new comments and then reacting after. This time I got some comments about interest in mind-control technology when playing virtual reality(VR) games. I talk about this in-depth in my digital artefact about how this technology works and what we can expect the future of this technology will look like.

I was also recommended a few readings on Virtual reality. One of them was research done by Epsilon Pi Tau, an international honour society for professions in technology. Another was about how virtual reality could…

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