Digital Artefact: Virtual reality (final)


Responding to feedback:

I received some comments on my blogs which were open to the public. They were interested in the tech mind-control system of Virtual Reality(VR). I was also given more resources to read about from my classmates. Virtual reality could be a microscope for the mind, and an electronic tool for expanding human consciousness. This could completely redefine the nature of human- computer and human-human interaction. As of now, virtual reality is something that requires us to use our senses to navigate through and interact with the data given to us in a headset. According to Smith, the user becomes part of the computer, “existing inside an information landscape that exists only inside the computer.”

The expectations for VR, like with artificial intelligence(AI) is high. We expect their technology to be as advanced as the ones from movies and novels. The technology is still in its infancy period…

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