Digital Artifact: Our Future with Pollution

Ten Apples

What is “Our Future with Pollution”?

Our Future with Pollution” is a series of YouTube videos created by me. About my prediction on our future living with serious of pollutions on the earth with ten years later. There are a total of four types of pollutions mentioned, including Air pollution, Water pollution, Land pollution, and Thermal pollution. I thought these four pollutions will affect our life the most. You are welcome to search for it by searching on YouTube or Click Here for the video sort.

Why I am having this project?

In recent years, pollutions are getting more serious on the earth. Most of the pollution is caused by human activities. Being harmful to the environment and with the irreversible damages globally (National Geographic). In 2020, the breakout of the pandemic forced humans to stop their activities. And we can see that the earth is…

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