Exploring My Peers Ideas of Future Cultures


Comment One: ALL THINGS BEAUTY: GIRLS CHATSPACE – By Caitlynhttps://caitlynsblog.home.blog/2021/03/17/all-things-beauty-girls-chat-space/comment-page-1/#comment-1372

Caitlyn decided to center her digital artefact around the future of the beauty industry in terms of wearable gadgets, cosmetic procedures, beauty standards and digital perfume, and how it will affect the consumers.

Comment Summary:

I suggested Caitlyn narrow her focus area to one of the topics she discussed in her pitch to explore the short, medium and long term future of that area in more detail. To better link her da with topics discussed in class I suggested she incorporate different perspectives into her research, more specifically how people within the industry feel about the advances. I also linked her to this podcast which discusses the future of the beauty industry in regards to biotechnology, cultural shifts and AI, as I thought it would be beneficial for her to do background research within other platforms.

I think my…

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