The future of vlogging

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Did you ever write in a diary?

Diaries provide a means of writing ourselves into the world and were considered an almost obligatory companion during the 19th century, coined ‘the golden age of the diary’. It’s linked to the quest for individuality or self, developing during the 20th century into a more modernist drive for deliberate self-creation in a more aesthetic or political sense (Ibrahim 2002, p. 3).

Would those writing diaries 200 years ago have imagined what it has turned into today?

Still a relatively new phenomenon, vlogging has links to all kinds of disciplines, such as tourism, advertising and social movements (e.g. de Janns & Hudders 2020, Phelps-Ward & Laura 2016, Lee & Watkins 2016, Folkvord et al. 2018). Just as advancements in printing and literacy made diaries a more accessible activity, the rising accessibility to the internet, cameras and editing software allowed for diaries to cross over…

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