Learning Assessment Task 1. Part 1.


Critical Reflection of My Comments Blog 1

During the process of creating our Digital Artefacts, I am to touch on 3 of my peer’s pitches and give constructive feedback on their process so far. From an outsider’s perspective I hope to give them fresh and relative ideas as well as help with their development. I will attempt to suggest resources that I have come across in regards to their idea. I also look forward to hearing feedback from my pitch, allowing us to create a dynamic feedback loop throughout this Digital Artefact.


I wrote my first feedback comment on Jett Townsend’s pitch – The Future of Music Streaming – BCM325. This project will be in the form of a TikTok series focusing specifically on the future of the music streaming industry. He plans to create 6 separate videos covering streaming services and piracy. In my first comment…

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