Peer Pitch Reviews

Hey, Honey!

Pitch 1: Lorena Farreras

Lorena’s pitch focused on the idea of a video essay, related to David Bowie’s legacy, futurism, and envisionment of the future. Looking at the short, medium, and long term, Lorena aims to utilise the concept of the science fiction novum to justify Bowie’s interpretation of the future. Additionally, how it can help us understand and conceptualise the past, and its use in predicting the future through science fiction and fact.

Below is the feedback I gave to Lorena:

  • Utilise YouTube analytics
  • Make script or project timeline public
  • Support with media and academic sources
  • Take advantage of the feedback loop for iterations and feedback

In hindsight, I could have made some improvements in recommending sources and pointing Lorena in more than one direction. For example, I recommended Volume 37 of the 2018 Contemporary Music Review which discusses the legacy of David Bowie, his unique aesthetic, and the…

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