BCM325: Peer Comments

Hello,I am Shuning.

First comment to Lydia:

My first feedback comment was on Lydia McGahey’s pitch. This project will be in the form of WordPress blog series focusing to educate people about the environment and actions, and the damage this is having to our present and future world. This is a topic with a positive impact. She is also quite explicit about the formulation of the project plan.
I suggested that she broaden the scope and appeal to people to protect the environment. I also offered two examples about environmental protection.

Through her blog post, I realized that I should connect my Pitch with the future. For example, the future trend of the restaurant industry.

From a macro point of view, I think there will be three major trends in the catering industry in the next decade: In the future, some roadside restaurants with the bad environment will be eliminated. At the same…

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