Live Tweeting Curation

michaela shales

Memes are always superior in BCM

Sci-Fi movies and I don’t necessarily have the best relationship. It is sort of one of those genres that I deliberately stay away from. As a result, at some stages of live tweeting I found it really hard to properly engage with other students because I literally am way too confused. So far I have only seen one film prior to the seminar – Metropolis, but only because I studied it for the HSC and I still have nightmares. 

To make my life easier in preparation for each seminar I briefly research the film and curate some Tweets before I start the screening. In the first week or so, I would prepare about 8 tweets, but as the weeks went on I chose to only prepare 6 at the most. This has given me the chance to participate in actual live tweeting. It…

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