3 x DA reviews

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First off, I love the ideas of each of these DA’s, so creative and unique and i’m so excited to follow along with these Digital Artefacts! Each DA I looked at was totally different and utilised different platforms. “The Future” was predominate within all DA and they aligned well with subject readings and lectures.

My aim with my feedback was to help each individual find ways to engage with their audience. I also provided academic and non academic sources which are tailored to each DA. I hope that by doing this, I have helped each person in creating and improving their DA’s.

Comment 1: Alana Smith


I really enjoyed finding out about Alana’s DA. I have only recently heard about NFT so hearing that that was something Alana was analysing was really interesting. Overall, I think the 3 part blog series is a smart choice for Alana. Keeping it…

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