Artefact Insights – Post A


Hayden – Sustainable Footprint


The concept of Hayden’s digital artefact is an in-depth look art humanities impact on the environment and what effect human consumption will have in 10 years time on biodiversity. The target audience is aimed at young adults studying at university and to educate them on the topic and the effect it has on the planet. The digital artefact will be on twitter as it allows different forms of media, as well as a place to post information and spark discussions.

In my comment, I firstly expressed my interest on the topic. As someone who loves the environment, I want to follow along with this project to see how I can reduce my footprint and make my living more sustainable. As for a link to the BCM 325 weekly lectures, there is a topic mentioned in Week 3’s Soundcloud podcast which mentions “Anthropocene“. This…

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