Check the Competition: Digital Artefact Pitch Reviews

Frank Tremain

“The past is not a guide to the future.” – Wendell Bell, Foundations of Future Studies (1997).

By studying BCM325, I have learnt that having a notion of what the future holds is entirely different to understanding future thinking. My digital artefact (DA) aims to take inspiration from the careers of music journalists of the past, however, Bell’s way of thinking has motivated me to think and plan ambitiously, both when crafting my DA and providing my peers with feedback.

Throughout the weeks of this subject, we have been identifying the future ideologies, technologies and trends explored in science fiction films. Despite seeing rogue AI’s, flying cars and space expeditions, I feel as though my DA is far more grounded in its sensibility. As Alfred North Whitehead said, “almost all new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishness when they are first produced.” With that said, I’m looking forward to…

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