Climate change, the future of beauty and David freckin Bowie! What my peers have been cooking

Alex Fisher

As a requirement of our first assessment, we had to comment on three fellow students’ pitches. My intention was to leave constructive feedback and offer potential sources that would strengthen their work.

Comment One – All things beauty (Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine) 

Caitlyn’s blog is focusing on exploring the future of beauty and how this will impact a wide range of individuals. Caitlyn intends on creating a series of 4 blog posts, each one looking at a different aspect of the future of beauty.

Content Summary:

  • Caitlyn stated she wants to analyse four different areas of the future of beauty. I suggested she could use each blog to analyse a different topic
  • In her pitch, Caitlyn did not specify how far into the future she wanted to look at. I suggested she should narrow it down to a specific time and focus on that to get the most out of…

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