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Blog Comment 1: https://afreckledmess.home.blog/2021/03/19/the-future-of-social-media-marketing-the-pitch/#comment-218

My first comment was on Rachel’s DA, which focused on how her business is the centre of how influential social media marketing will be in future years to come. I found this really compelling simply because Rachel was able to tie in two massive projects in together as one. Online businesses such as YKTR, (one of my favourites) can give her an extremely valuable insight into how to grow her business in the years to come and also contribute to a sustainable social utility. I also went on to talk about her production value in her pitch is extremely high level which definitely helps convey her ideas in her project to her audience. This also makes the blog and pitch blog look very professional and well thought-out.

A suggestion I gave Rachel was to potentially find a way to implement the FEFO principle into her Digital…

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