Live Tweeting: Predicting the future in films

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Within this blog post, I will provide a range of evidence to prove my live tweeting ability, as well as my engagement with my peers’ tweets during BCM325’s movie screenings. This experience overall allowed me to engage with not only my own personal thoughts of the future but to also grasp what others were thinking in a very fast-paced environment.

Week 1: Metropolis

During the first week of tweeting, I provided a simple poll exploring a controversial topic that this film caused, relating to the length of the film.

This tweet received lots of engagement as people had very strong opinions on its length, due to the film originally being 3 hours. I alsotweetedlinking a very useful resource that reflected on the utopian, dystopian and biblical references in the film and this seemed to gain no attention. This was probably due to the blunt, unengaging context I provided…

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