Memes, Memes and More Memes

Alex Fisher

It’s week 5 already! That’s right, week 5! Five weeks in and I am still trying to learn and discover the best way to live tweet during each screening. During my first five weeks, I have observed myself, fellow students and have begun to see some recurring traits. From what I have seen, memes seem to be the posts that receive the most engagement followed by the notion of dystopian films, which each film has touched on so far. Tweets about articles on the films seem to gather the least amount of engagement.

WEEK 1 – Metropolis

The first week of the semester saw us analysing the 1927 silent film Metropolis. This was the first time I had ever live tweeted and I believe I received positive interactions in my first week. Being a silent film, it was hard to utilize aspects such as sound and dialogue between characters.

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