More than just a Tweet

Taylah's Turbulence

Over the past five weeks in BCM325, we have been live tweeting to screenings of different films that are intrinscally linked to understanding future cultures. In week one we watched the classic black and white film Metropolis. In week two we watched Space Odysessy. Week three we watched the original Westworld. Week four we watched the 1989 Blade Runner and this week we watched the original anime movie Ghost in the Shell.

The live tweetig expeience was one to allow us to critically engage with the course content and analyse what the film depicts for our future. With starting with metropolis, which is arguably the most notorius film that focuses on the future, we were able to grasp what we would be dealing with for the rest of the semester.

In week one I was still a little confused on what the live tweeting experience would look like. I tweeted…

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