Peer Assessment and Critical Analysis

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Since having done our pitches for our Digital Artefacts for BCM325 we’ve been looking into our peers pitches and offering ideas, Scholarly research, journals, articles and any other information we can give on the topic. This essentially gives each project a varying set of eyes each time someone critically analyses each post. By the end of this not only will we have helped three or more students bring their concept to life but also receive assistance when it comes to our own pitches.

Pitch 1: Taylah – The future of the Film Industry

In Taylah’s’ blog you’ll see in the Comment Section, my reflection on her pitch and offering different views and opinions.

On Taylah’s comment, although not knowing much about the film industry (as Im not much of a film person) it was a little more difficult to comment on her post, however I think I took the…

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