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My first comment was on Alicia’s DA

Press here to see my comment on Alicia’s blog post

Press here to go to Alicia’s blog post

Alicia’s DA is a series of three blog post based around VR and AR, combined with the future of online shopping. Alicia’s DA will discuss how VR and AR technologies are being used in the business industry.

With my comment to Alicia, I recommended completing short reviews at the end of each video essay. These reviews would be of other businesses platform that have utilised VR and AR in their businesses. I had provided a link to an article that portrays six businesses that have utilised VR and AR.

The six businesses are:

  1. Walmart – Customer service training
  2. Natuzzi – Furniture Showcase
  3. TopShop – Fashion runway show
  4. Volvo – test drive
  5. Mariott – Travel & Tourism
  6. Immersive Education – Apollo 11

I had provided this…

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