Peer Pitch Commentary

Kara Stanley

I really enjoyed everyone’s pitches and giving my thoughts on different viewpoints!

Comment One: My first comment was on, The Future of “Dead” Media. specifically analogue photography. Jess is intending to use TikTok as her chosen platform which I think is a great choice given her audience is Gen-Z. I think the specific subcultures that Jess will be focusing on (Cottagcore, Soft boi, Vsco Girl, and dispo boy) are reflective of the chosen media. In my comments to Jess I talk about the aesthetic of using film photography on tiktok and what I have found in my experience viewing these genre of videos. I linked her to a tiktok I viewed recently of a photographer shooting with expired film. I also mentioned the use of music. I felt that Jess might find this inspiring for her own work and perhaps it might give her some ideas. Secondly, I also…

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