The One Where I Comment On My Peers pt.1

Amy Dunn

Comment 1

My first comment was on Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine’s‘The Future of Beauty’ pitch. Caitlyn will be looking at the future of beauty by examining the future of makeup, fashion, cosmetic procedures and beauty standards in the short medium and long term. Her content will be published on her siteGirls Chat Space which she has used for previous digital artefacts.

Things I liked about Caitlyn pitch where that she is using an existing platform which means she will be able to get instant feedback from an existing audience rather than needing to build a new one and that she had good evidence of background research through the examples she gave.

Some suggestions I made to Caitlyn were to focus on either the short medium or long term rather than all three which. I also suggested that she narrow her focus to one element of beauty. By making…

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