Tweet Curation


The past five weeks I was required to live tweet alongside the sci-fi movie screenings as part of BCM325.

Due to enrolling in the subject late, I missed the screening for Metropolis, so there are no Tweets to feature about that movie.

Week 2-2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

During my first week of live tweeting, I quickly discovered that doing research prior to the screening would be beneficial to my tweeting. I did do some research during the film and was able to tweet, as well as interact, using relevant sources. However, majority of my tweets were based on my own thoughts and ideas inspired by the movie, and my interactions were mostly limited to retweets and likes.

Week 3-Westworld (1973)

This week I did some research and drafted tweets prior to the screening. I was able to then take information from a tweet I had drafted and pair it…

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