Tweet it or it didn’t happen

Alicia McFadden

Over the last five weeks in BCM325, we have been live-tweeting our screenings of future culture related films and in this blog post, I will be providing a critical self-reflection on my ability to do this effectively in these screenings.

Week 1 – Metropolis (1927)

Going into week 1, I knew we would be live-tweeting a film each week but I had no idea how hard this would be in practice. Metropolis in particular was very hard because I had never seen it before and the film is silent, meaning every time I looked away to my phone to tweet, I seemed to miss very important parts of the film.

Never the less, I did manage to meet my tweet and interact requirements this week, though I do look back at some of these tweets now that I am better versed in live-tweeting and think they could use more personality…

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