Tweets – Like My Shit (BCM325)

- trying to adult -

Live tweeting wasn’t something I was awfully familiar with, but after the first screen this came more naturally and each screening I found myself interacting with my peers more.

While watching the screenings each week, my aim was to incorporate lecture materials from weeks one to five, find sources that explore technology, the future and relevant material to develop my tweets each week.

Week 1: Metropolis (1927)

During the first screening I posted 11 tweets and interacted with many tweets from my peers. The film was silent so I had to focus on mostly visuals, music and background research. This was an effective approach and found my tweets from this week consistent.

First tweet – I found an article that addresses Lady Gaga’s work and how she is fascinated by the movie and took a lot of inspiration through her outfits and themes.

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