Twitter engagement: More resources and more pre-planning

Live-tweeting while watching the weekly screening is a new experience for me. I had never done it before, so it was a really interesting experience for the first five weeks. Creating original tweets and liking, engaging, and retweeting with others was at hard first, but I have learnt a lot about my tweets.

Very few of my tweets had outside resources and links to information around the film and its themes and relations to the future, which has been engaged well by people and add some background information to the film. While these tweets show a focus on how influential these films are on pop culture and the representation of the future, there are only a few of these tweets that I have curated. For the future, I shall read up on background information before the screening each week to create more interesting and engaging content to show adequate research.

My original tweets had some engagement with the lecture materials and the topics covered each week. These tweets show how I analyze the film under the guise of the topic per week, as well as other topics too. These tweets get lots of engagement from the audience, with relatively high levels of likes and retweets and some comments too. Unfortunately, I was unable to get tweets like this on a consistent basis, which was insightful to the film and the topics covered in the lecture. Doing so in the future, using resources from the lecture materials will help improve my tweeting.

The biggest issue has been the number of original tweets each week has been the major issue, as I have been unable to keep a consistent number each week. The only way to increase the number is by background research and utilising more sources for tweets.

The interactions with others have been a focus on mine. Retweeting posts that engage with the lecture materials and show background research of the reading to learn more about the film and its influence on science fiction. Constantly engaging with these types of tweets and resources can help add to the overall knowledge about this topic and subject as we go on in this semester. I have done a good job engaging with such tweets, but have been unable to keep the number up in a consistent manner each week. That is something I hope to fix in the next weeks as we do more screenings.

The biggest issue for me has been struggling to come up with 10 consistently good original tweets and 20 interactions every single week for each screening. Although this is something new for me, the fact is I have not been keeping up with the number of tweets required for each screening. In order to alleviate that for the future, reading up on the screeing before we watch it every week to come up with ideas for what to write about and include more sources to show research and background knowledge. Engaging more with the lecture materials and the topics for the week will allow for more audience engagement with the tweet. Continuing to like, comment and retweet tweets that have sources and show research will help expand my knowledge of the subject.

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