The Perfect Duo: a Movie & Tweets

Amy Micallef

Who knew at Uni you could watch movies & tweet? I sure didn’t!

During the past few weeks of BCM 325, we have been analysing a wide range of sci-fi movies. During this time, we are required to live tweet during the movie providing any analyses, history & research each week. This blogpost will be a reflection of the best and worst tweets I had whilst I interacted with my #BCM325 cohort.

Week 1 – Metropolis (1927)


The dreaded silent-film…Metropolis was interesting to say the least to tweet about as it was silent I would miss a lot of things about it. Plus it was extremely long which made it hard to continuously think of tweets.

For the first week of live tweeting it felt like I was back in BCM 112, as fun as it is…wow did I forget how hard multitasking was! In saying this, I did interact…

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