LIVE TWEETING? it’s actually fun..

Live tweeting has been very VERY interesting over the past several weeks, however within this blog post, I am wanting to focus on five particular screenings shown throughout the past five weeks of BCM325. 

Throughout this learning experience, I have found it very difficult to stay involved and focused on both the film and tweeting, due to the fact that when I am watching something I hate being distracted or having to think of something… which yes, sounds odd but it’s the truth. I have had a lot of fun and found it very interesting too watch myself try and multitask between screens. I have enjoyed watching and reacting to my peers posts and comments on twitter, I feel as though it has brought us closer together as a class.

I tried to make each tweet engaging, funny and also backed up with information, most of my tweets are either facts I was able to gather while watching the film, background research or things I noticed while watching the film. 

The first screening in which I will be sharing some light on is, 2001: A space Odyssey. Now without going into too much detail of the film, all I can say is, WOW. I loved watching this film and I got very carried away while tweeting, as I thought I had to express every single detail that went through my mind while watching the film…

This tweet is one in which I felt really got my perspective across to others, and I found it very exciting to be able to shared my own opinions on the internet with others. However, i was neglecting several important points from the movie that I could of mentioned through live tweeting, I was very focused on saying what I thought people wanted to read. 

I am very proud of this tweet, as not only was I able to make a connection to another film (the simpsons). It is also my most liked tweet! I want bro improve several of my tweets just like this one by stating that there is a similarity, however I wish I backed up this with a little more information. 

Another tweet in which has stood out to me while go back and looking through my account, is one that states that I was able to collect background information online to be able to back up my own opinion. This also allows for a critical analysis of the film itself. 

Here are some more Tweets posted about the first screening. 

The second screening was ‘Westworld 1973’. My live tweeting skills became more advanced by this time, as I was able to create posts which had reasoning to them and they are a critical analysis of the film. 

Within this tweet, I was bale to provide information from both online and my own opinion of what the movie is based on and what we as an audience should expect for the future involved within this film. 

Even though this tweet post did not have many reactions, I feel as though by asking a question throughout live tweeting can create more engagement with the film and the audience. I was able to again link my own opinion within this live tweet. 

The third screening with BCM325 in which I will be discussing throughout this blog post is ‘The ghost in the shell, 1995”. Now let’s get one thing straight, I really do not enjoy watching anime films, so I did find this live tweeting session a struggle as I could. Not keep myself interested. 

within this tweet you can see that I was very confused during this movie and needed to research a little more information of the film, however, this allowed the film to make a lot more sense towards the end. 

Once again I try to connect another film to this film, and honestly it is so exciting when your brain makes the connection…. I had a lot go fun posting live tweets like this one in particular. It also showcases how two futuristic films had the same idea. 

SO there you have it, my critical self analysis of living tweeting. I want to state two things behind I finish this blog. One, I want to improve my live tweeting by having researched before hadn’t to be able too not only understand the film in more depth but to be able too communicate through live tweeting with more researched and backed up information. And for two, I desperately need to find a streaming website… losing $5 each week is hurting my bank account…. 


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