And here we have it my three Peer pitch’s comments. I have been able to apply my week knowledge from the serval different lectures, screenings and readings to be able to not only give advice but be able to understand each pitch I have reviewed. 

After watching and reacting to other peer’s pitches, I have realised how many different views and directions people have gone in. This has also allowed myself to understand different peoples views on the future and what they may expect for their own future. By commenting on other pitches I was able to give my honest opinion by incorporating different lectures and readings and also may own research. 

The first Pitch in which I commented on was Sean’s, his Digital artefact is one that he has kept since his first year of University and year 12, Aquilah Productions. His digital artefact has allowed Sean to create his own digital portfolio of his own works on different social media platforms such as Instagram and facebook. The main objective of Sean’s digital artefact is to increase his engagement with his accounts on social media, gain new clients and create interesting and new content for his audience. 

Seans link:


Sean’s digital artefact pitch is very focused on his business, within his pitch he stated how it was difficult for him to find research sources, which I then tried to link Sean to an article I found on how to be able to create content for his particular audience. I also went into detail of how I also was someone who loved photography and created their own account on social media. I was able to give Sean some words of wisdom. 

The second pitch in which I reviewed was James’, his Digital artefact is an exploration of sports technology. Through his pitch he provides us with a very detail explanation of why he is focusing on this topic and what he expects for the future. Within my comments I state how he is able top focus on so many different aspects of this topic for the future, and I was able to link James to a particle website in which expresses the revolution of technology within sports. 

I also linked James to our week 2 reading, Parrinder, P. 2000. Learning from other worlds: estrangement, cognition and the politics of science fiction and utopia, Liverpool University Press: Liverpool, as it focuses on two very different worlds of sports and technology. 

James link:


The third pitch in which I reviewed was by Charlea, her digital artefact focuses on brand communication, in which she perfectly explains throughout her pitch. Charlea has allowed her digital artefact to showcase the future of an account in which she is the social media manager of, this is a great idea as it allows her to predict the future of her social media account through follows, likes and shares.

I was able to link Charlea to a particular article I found online which expresses different ways in which she study and measure the online performance of the social media account for her digital artefact. 

Charlea link:


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