The Commentary of Peer’s Pitches- PT1.


As I create my Digital Artefact, I am required to engage and involve myself in other students DA’s and their research topic in order to provide feedback. Below are my comments on 3 students DA Pitches.

Comment 1: Alicia -AR & VR Technology Changing The Way We ShopOnline

My first comment was on Alicia’s Digital Artefact Pitch. Alicia will be looking into the way VR and AR technology are changing the way we shop online. I first wanted to share the aspects of her pitch video she did well such as the overall presentation of the pitch and how she provided clear detail on her research topic and how she planned to execute it. Although the video audio was quite fast paced, it was great that she embedded her slides into her blog. I then shared a suggestion to try and engage more of an audience by publishing her…

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