Comments 4 the 3 choosen Peers #bcm325

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From our own Pitches to others, to give praise, recommendation and feedback is a delightful opportunity. Below are the three peers’s pitches I chose to give comment to and a summary and self reflection of my own feedback for each.

First up, Josephine : The Future of Women in Leadership

Summary :

Josephine is exploring the future of women in leadership and its relevance for the growth of society. She plans to do YouTube videos as well as contextual essays and cover the time frame of. This DA already has a well rounded range of sources, with the hopes to speak to women of her community in Illawarra about the topic as a primary resource to further strengthen the validity and reliability of the project.

Self Reflection :

I expressed how I was drawn to the DA in that as a young women myself soon to graduate with the desires…

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