James Muggeridge

Personally, live tweeting during the screening has been a fluctuating experience. There have been tough periods where I have struggled to come up with anything usefuland there have been other times where I feel like I have thoroughly grasped the content.

All movies screened so far have been intriguing. I have tried toanalysefilm techniques used throughout and connect these techniques with the study of future media. Techniques which have stood out to me have been theuse of music,colourand lighting. These techniques were so valuable to any science fiction film to set scenes andconvey messages, especially without the use of today’s technology.

The first screening was ‘Metropolis’. A film, directed by Fritz Lang,based on the Weimer era in Germany where the country was in political and economic turmoil. The protagonist, Freder, shares a conflicting relationship with his father whilst finding hope for a better society in the form of his love…

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