Peer Digital Artefact Beta Commentary

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  • Serena Sorrentino – ‘The Future of Beauty Trends’

Serena’s digital artefact is a 3 part blog series exploring beauty trends and a large final audio piece to summarise. All of her blog posts explore beauty trends, however they each discuss different forms of the future, her first blog being short term, second being medium term and the last blog being long term.

The first form of feedback was to consider making a podcast audio clip and discuss her personal opinions as the blogs already hold all the necessary information. This will be more engaging and will help to prevent repetition for her audience.

I also found that she has a very large audience and its relevance to them was unclear. This is where I linked an article to help her find deeper insights as to who her digital artefact is most beneficial to. This will help her discover her…

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Beta Commentary

michaela shales

Comment 1 – feeling beta than ever – UOW Visual Arts Society DA

Emma’s digital artefact is based on her experience forming the UOW Visual Arts Society at university and focussed on the management of the club’s digital marketing. I definitely related to this DA as it is quite similar to my own being active on tiktok. One of her main research points for the project revolved around how she can use social media to engage and recruit new members of the club. So I provided some advice on how small businesses use social media to their advantage. As I use tiktok for my own DA, I encouraged Emma to post content that aligns with the current trends on social media so her followers relate to the content that is being posted.

Additionally, I feel as though constantly posting on social media and understanding the algorithm would be beneficial. According…

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Sports Officiating Future- BCM 325 DA Beta

The progress of my website has been poor and slow. The main change I have made is to the structuring of each blog post, where instead of focusing on multiple sports on the one post, just one sport per topic. I hope that many more posts can be added and that the targeted audience can react and suggest improvements as I post each blog entry.

Each post will focus on one topic and one sport so that blog posts can be updated in a timely manner and reach the target audience and gain invaluable feedback to improve the digital artifact.



My DA has undergone significant changes since my pitch video from the start of the semester, and by changes, I mean it is a completely different concept and DA overall.

I decided to go with a topic that I was not only more interested in, but that also had much more depth and could more effectively relate to the ‘future’ themes of the subject.

I have decided to explore the future of art in the next 20 years, regarding the new art forms, styles and trends that may arise as well as the possible changes in how we view and access art.

I am ultimately going to create 6 blog posts addressing various aspects of art in the future.

While the website currently sits on 34 views, neither of the main posts are yet to be interacted with in regards to straight forward feedback. I am however now more aware…

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Beta watch out #BCM325

Steph's Blog

To the future of Retail.. I crafted this Digital Artefact around my own curiosity in considering the long term future of retail with e-commerce on a fast pace rise. This included the entire retail sector not just the one I work in (clothing) – this was supermarkets, discount stores, outlets, market places and even your beach side malls. What was there future, what would this impact if E-commerce took complete control.

In the form of three blog posts #1 Retail Vs E-com and #2 The Covid Impact. The third and final instalment for this project will soon be released which I think will be fitting for the conclusions and final thoughts for the topic. The first two were on time with the schedule I had planned, the third unfortunately was not.

In my beta presentation I discuss my progress so far, responses to the feedback, and how I can see…

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Fashion Fever | The Future of Fashion: BETA

Grace Mary B's Blogs



Week 4’s Soundcloud podcast offers insight into “Ethical Foundations of Futures Studies”. It mentions that “Futures Studies asks questions about the ethical foundations of its research: “Why, for example, is a sustainable society better than an unsustainable one?”.  Annie Radner Linden paper talks about ethical foundations of research and the difference between a sustainable society vs an unsustainable one. She also talks about in Chapters 1-3, about the future of fast fashion and the history behind it which massively helped me in my first video essay and used her paper as a main academic source. “The focus on analysing fast fashions global commodity chains or supply chains leaves out the…

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Future Depictions of AI in our Poplar Culture – BCM325 DA Beta

AMC Blogs

Creating my DA for BCM325 has been interesting so far. First of all, lets begin by revisiting my initial DA topic. I was exploring Artificial Intelligence in our society through blog posts on my WordPress website. However, I found that exploring media such as film and games, was not engaging to readers or myself. I wanted to try the use of a TikTok account.

TikTok has always had a significant potential for ‘trending’ videos and seems to grow every day. The whole idea behind TikTok however, is to keep the content short to that audiences do not have to pay attention for longer than 1 minute – even then, it’s a blessing to have someone stay engaged with a video for more than 30 seconds. So, I also found it difficult to create content that was engaging, yet also that explored my topic in an in depth manner. Therefore, I…

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The beta future of Beyond Branding

Amy Micallef

This semester for BCM 325 I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on Beyond Branding’s short, medium & long term goals which would lead up to the preparation and the development of a business plan for the business.

As I noted in my pitch I am focusing on 3 aspects to the digital artefact this being:

  1. Outsourcing a graphic designer: setting up interview to get to know who they are and to make sure they are a right fit for the business
  2. The creation of the Beyond Branding and Design podcast on short, medium and long term goals and;
  3. My Business Planwhich implements the goals & research I have done to help me develop the plan.

The Interviews:

Dayle Beazley & myself conducted the second round of interviews during week 8 where we spoke to a few more people as well as re-interviewing a few people with Dayle.


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BETA: Where Art Thou in Future?


For my Digital Artefact I have been researching the future of our experiences and interaction with Art through the emergence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies. To learn more about my Digital Artefact, click here to view my Pitch on the topic.


For my DA I am creating 3 blog post that will focus on various elements of the use of VR and AR in the experience of the Art industry.

The 1st Blog post can be viewed here: I discuss how the industry are currently implementing AR and VR technologies to create new experiences and unique interactions.

The 2nd Blog Post can be viewed here: in this blog post, I researched the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies being implemented within the industry.


As stated in my BETA, I have been able to keep on track of my schedule, but will need to improve on creating…

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BCM325 -The future of social media in marketing ( DA BETA)

In my idea pitch, I expanded on my initial idea. My Digital Artefact is a series of blogs post on WordPress which talking about the predictions about the future of social media marketing in 10-20 years and and compare the social media marketing on Instagram and TikTok in 2019 (Before the covid and current).

To be honest, I am a little bit behind the schedule, therefore I want to cut down some workload. I decided to look into the social media marketing on Instagram and TikTok rather to experience the current social media marketing also one of my peer told me since the market is constantly evolving, just simply calculating the efficiency of new approaches can be difficult. As a result, I’d like to simplify things and adhere to the #FIST principle, so I’ll look at TikTok and Instagram social media ads and compare the two and see what’s changed…

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