Life On Mars? Project Beta


Through further research and development of my digital artefact, I have been able to make several changes which will ensure a better final product, including format, academic readings, and linking my topic to subject material and lectures. Feedback on my pitch as well as various tweets I have posted has proved valuable in making these decisions and setting my da on a better path.

Additionally I have looked at this suggested article which describes Bowie’s influence on the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, of specific interest is the gender ambiguity which seems to be a pattern in both David Bowie’s artistry and future depictions in sci-fi and modern society as we look to a more equal future.

I will combine my research and study of David Bowie’s career and influence with academic research and ideas, such as Darkvo Suvin’s “Scientifically Plausible Innovation”, in order to give more depth and dimension to…

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