BCM325 Food Tour Beta

Hello,I am Shuning.

Pitch blog

In our initial idea, we planned to make a food program, because this is the common interest of Sheng and me.
Gradually we realized that we were not connecting our video content to the future.
We constantly refined our ideas and update our projects based on some advice from tutor, viewers and friends.

Beta video

We learned a lot in the editing and production process. More importantly, I found the unique charm of words and knowledge in the process of research. I not only created it for the purpose of attracting the audience but also solved my doubts. I gradually went from doing homework for the sake of handing it in to loving and enjoying the creative process.

In the process of creation, I found that the knowledge of many subjects is integrated. For example, the cyberpunk movies I watched in the tutorial also contain Orientalism…

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