The Future of Tabletop Gaming 2.0: The Beta

Hey, Honey!

The concept for my digital artefact is an8-10 minute long audio essay on the future of table top gaming. In my script draft, interactions with online audiences, and general research, I touch on two main components as being pivotal to the future of table top gaming – the timespan and the hybrid gaming experience.

The Short Term: wholly online table top gaming experiences, and these can exacerbate weaknesses like the social environment and physical components. However, they are useful as they eliminate the need for setup.

Medium to long term: how technology and table tops are currently working together to create a new, hybrid genre, that uses technological capabilities to merge the best parts of virtual and in person table tops.

Dungeons and Dragons.

To preserve and improve the ever shifting gaming experience, the next generation of table tops should combine the social impact of board games and…

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