Life in the Fields

My beta is live! I had so many issues getting to this point so I’m glad its finally up!

In creating the beta for this project I have undergone the following steps:

– Reading forums to gather experience, opinions and context
– Asking questions on forums
– Academic research
– Video production
– Feedback loops

I got the best information on the topic for my first video essay from r/WSB, who have been bombarded with bot activity to sway users financial choices to favour large financial institutions. Other subreddits were not as helpful in gathering information.

Its live! Woohoo!

Issues I had on this topic were:

– Video production
– Time poor due to work commitments
– Challenging topic to research as it is rather recent
– Recently established feedback loop

The topic of bots to sway public opinion is a fascinating twist on the evil cyborg trope in movies…

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