BCM325 Project Beta

Glass Of Milk

Click here for my project pitch

  • When researching my second video I found an article by Forbes which will be useful when discussing music consumption. 

  • I intend on making up for the lost time by sharing my video series on subreddits used by musicians and ask for their feedback as well as sharing on Twitter using the bcm325 hashtag. I also intend on getting my friends and family to watch and engage with the project too.

  • I will be using Final Cut Pro and a Rode NT1A microphone to create and edit a video that looks professional and has the potential to be used as a reference for future job prospects.


Csathy, P., 2021.The Future Of Music: Where It Is Today & Where It’s Going In The Next Decade. [online] Forbes. Available at: <https://www.forbes.com/sites/petercsathy/2020/02/02/the-future-of-music-where-it-is-today–where-its-going-in-the-next-decade/?sh=253ea3ce707e> [Accessed 5 May 2021].

Bell, W., 1999. Foundations of Futures Studies…

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