Chae Media: A Beta Future


Chae Media has been working gradually over the years with the support of our magazine designs and blog post content. As per our pitch, we have released podcasts on various topics including Jody Turner and futurist thinking, Our 5 year goal, our audiences preferences and more. However, distinctly, we have discussed the discontinuation of our magazine and how our audience feels and reflects on this possibility.

Upon looking to the future, Chae has considered the logistics of time, resources and money; inspired by our refined futuristic outlook on trends via Jody Turner’s understanding of anthropology (how we got here and where we go from here). With the demands of many other features like video content and etsy shopping – the continuation of our magazine can not be as often as we usually permit.

Relative to the Jody Turner study we had undertaken, these preferences skewing to bite-size video content was…

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