Forecasting the forecast factories

-My BCM325 DA Beta-


the timeline is now 1 video every 1.5 weeks now that I have defined concepts for what goes into each video and have broken the elements out from each factory game I want to focus on and have looked into some of the similar existing technologies that can be forecast to develop into the technology seen in the games.

Gathering further engagement:

I plan to get further public engagement through reddit posts with my forecasting videos based on each game specifically posted into each of their seperate reddit bases and to not be overly self promoting in a single space.

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4 thoughts on “Forecasting the forecast factories”

  1. Hi James!

    This is such a cool idea! It’s so interesting to see how different people have looked at the same future cultures challenge and come up with completely different ideas. 2071 is a very specific year to focus on, how did you come to this conclusion? I found an article that is relevant to the scope of time you’re planning on exploring in your video essays. This article on Industry week focuses on predictions on what manufacturing in 2070 might look like by providing a wealth of links to sources that might be helpful for your research.

    The Brookings Institute is a think tank that explores the future of manufacturing. They have a bunch of blog posts that look at the different forms of technology that could contribute to the future of manufacturing, and this article that I have linked for you discusses the future of global manufacturing.

    You said you weren’t planning on talking about space manufacturing and were focusing more on Earth based manufacturing, but then your background research showed a book about space mining and manufacturing. Are you planning on briefly discussing this in one of your videos? It would definitely be valuable to address this information in your planned video essays as it gives some scope to the future of manufacturing, which is really relevant to the DA challenge.

    Good luck with your video essays! I look forward to seeing how they turn out.

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  2. Hey James, I think this is a really interesting topic and is grounded nicely in lecture material such as forecasting and futurism. 50 years is a very long way in the future and I am keen to see your thoughts on how different these types of games will look in the future. I think going even further and looking at how VR and Cyberspace might affect these specific games would work really well too.
    This article is specific to manufactory type games and how to make them fun again for the future. Maybe it will give you some further ideas.
    Good luck with the upload schedule!

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