The Future Of Streaming Services – Beta

- trying to adult -

Hi BCM325, below is my beta video where I discuss my project’s progress, iterations and further research.

I have stuck to the FIST Approach throughout my project.

  • F – Fast (only takes me 15-30 minutes to create each short Tik Tok video)

  • I – Inexpensive (this project has cost me $6 a month for a monthly subscription of Apple Music).
  • S – Simple (simple process which I explain more in depth in my video).

  • T – Tiny (short, digestible content in a 20-30 second Tik Tok video).

My production timeline has provided great assistance although can be unrealistic at times. I am on track with how many Tik Tok videos I am posting but this semester has proven with the research component. I have found many sources that will assist myself in my final essay but haven’t gone into depth with these.

I hope you check out my digital artefact…

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