when was the last time you used a forum?



What is so interesting about Reddit? 

Forum sites diverge themselves from the now consistent theme of social media sites that centre a post’s worth on the visual content or the following behind the user. As discussed in my BETA, Reddit guides the interaction to occur in the form of discussion, and not just liking or passively engaging. The overall discussion under each post evolves as a tree structure, growing over time (De Francisci et al. 2021).

Forum sites almost act as a community, like a Facebook group, but less objectively embarrassing. Reddit itself has bloomed into a dedicated gateway to the Web. It has become an “increasingly self-referential community” which focuses on a user’s content, not external sources (Singer et al. 2014). How the dynamic evolves in the future will be crucial to all future media sites.


Bell, Wendell 1998. Making people responsible: The possible…

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