The beta future of Beyond Branding

Amy Micallef

This semester for BCM 325 I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on Beyond Branding’s short, medium & long term goals which would lead up to the preparation and the development of a business plan for the business.

As I noted in my pitch I am focusing on 3 aspects to the digital artefact this being:

  1. Outsourcing a graphic designer: setting up interview to get to know who they are and to make sure they are a right fit for the business
  2. The creation of the Beyond Branding and Design podcast on short, medium and long term goals and;
  3. My Business Planwhich implements the goals & research I have done to help me develop the plan.

The Interviews:

Dayle Beazley & myself conducted the second round of interviews during week 8 where we spoke to a few more people as well as re-interviewing a few people with Dayle.


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