Writing Beta Comments

Bees and Bells

Charlea’s Beta

Charlea’s DA focused on the future of brand communications, specifically her predictions on the future of augmented reality in fashion. 

Self reflection – 

My feedback for Charlea mainly focuses on her exploration of AR. Therefore I recommended an article that had interesting information on AR marketing, and a current artist utilising AR Instagram masks in her works. I did this to frame the present state of AR tech, which was influenced by Csicsery-Ronay’s quote “we can explain the future only by what is most powerful in the present”.

I believe I could have contributed more feedback in terms of her operational prototype as I only briefly mentioned how displaying analytics would back up her observations. In hindsight I should have also commented on her “final essay” as far as possible formats or platforms it could take place on.

This DA also made me reflect on my own project…

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