beta comments – pot calling the kettle black


Beta One: Future of Live Music

(Alex Fisher)

Alex’s digital artefact is looking at the future of live music across 2 blog posts and a final podcast. For this round of feedback, I wanted to tailor each comment more to the actual digital artefacts and less following my usual comment structure; which can be hard to break free from. I decided to focus on three areas with this BETA: engagement ideas, visual components, and additional sources.

Providing feedback on areas that they could improve for their future posts was constructive in my eyes, and is the name of the feedback loop game. The source in particular would be a great addition to their research for the upcoming blog post on virtual reality, and I hope it can be of use to them.

Beta Two: Are you sure you want to buy that?

(Danielle Gooden)

This digital artefact is…

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