BCM 325 Peer Digital Artefact Beta Commentary

Taylor Sumelj

Just as I did following on from my own digital artefact pitch submission, the BCM 325 subject is now requiring I comment on three of my peers’ beta submissions before offering a critical analysis of my engagement with their work. Below, I’ve linked three blog posts exploring the future of music streaming, live music, and virtual reality, respectively.

Blog 1: The Future of Music Streaming

Jett’s digital artefact incorporates a TikTok series and concluding essay focused on the sustainable future of music streaming over the next ten years. Specifically, it addresses his prediction that streaming services will become even more convenient and cost-effective for users while decreasing music piracy. After evaluating Jett’s original digital artefact pitch, I was super keen to follow up on his beta submission on the future of music streaming.

Before even getting into the video, his blog post was very clear and to-the-point, highlighting how…

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