My BCM 325 DA – Part 1: Launching Listen Loud

Taylor Sumelj

If you haven’t already, read my Digital Artefact Pitch here.

For BCM 325 Future Networks, I wanted to focus my digital artefact on a topic that was not only interesting to myself, but one that I could utilise to further my career as an aspiring event manager and social media marketer in the music industry. As the digital artefact had to incorporate the concept of the future in relation to the subject’s lecture content, it took quite a bit of time to settle on a topic that fit the assessment brief while contributing to my future career ambitions, but finally, I came up with the idea of exploring the probable, possible and preferable futures of me.

In essence, my digital artefact is an exploration into my current career plan based on prior research and experience, where I will invite readers to offer their own insights, feedback and suggestions that…

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