BCM325 – cONsTRuctIVe cRItiCiSm pt. 2

- trying to adult -

The three comments below I have made for my fellow peers of BCM325 regarding their digital artefacts and the progression. My approach was to highlight what I liked, what I think they could improve on and further research I found to enhance their project.

Comment One: Hussein

The topic of Hussein’s digital artefact is his future after graduation, looking at the stigma around what you should and shouldn’t do after university and all the options for students.


I commended Hussein on picking a topic that would dramatically benefit him in the future, I did express my concern how it might be hard to incorporate and address all university students, which he has done quite successfully. I recommended anarticlethat dives deeper into the stigma about university degrees how different degrees are labelled as more prestigious and how this can make students feel.

I mentioned that I feel surveys…

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