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Alicia McFadden

VR fitness will become a must-have common item for everyone – Yidi Weng Beta

Yidi has been looking into the future of the fitness industry, specifically how the industry is using VR technology and what this might look like for the future of the industry in the next 10-50 years.

My comment:

My contribution:

  • After reading Yidi’s DA blog posts I noticed that she didn’t talk about the history of gaming and fitness before VR technology, and so I suggested that she should look at the game ‘Wii Fit’ and ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ as examples, offering this article as a resource to look further into these examples.
  • I expanded on this suggestion further, explaining why looking at the industries past is necessary in order to give her predictions for the industry credibility by referring to Istvan Csicsery-Ronay’s book ‘The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction‘.
  • I mentioned that I…

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