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Alicia McFadden

Over the semester in BCM325 we have live-tweeting our screenings of future culture related films. In this blog post, I will be providing a critical self-reflection on my ability to do this effectively in these screenings, this part 2 which will look at screens 6-10.

Week 6 – Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Feedback I received from my first round of live-tweeting was that I didn’t engage enough with the subject material in my tweets, so going into week 6 I tried to focus on integrating concepts which had been discussed in the lectures into my tweets.

The lecture for week 6 focused on futurists who according to Wendell Bell (1997) “hope to inform people’s expectations of the future and to help make their efforts shape the future…”. In the below thread I looked to notable futurists to understand whether or not the future portrayed in the film was…

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