Tik Tok’s, Future Plans and Virtual Reality

Daily Dash of Danielle

Throughout the duration of BCM325 we are required to comment on 3 of our peer’s Beta projects. This allows us to interact and give relevant feedback to our classmates, whilst also broadening the ways in which we think about the future. Ultimately assisting us in coming up with new and innovative approaches to look at our own projects.

Comment 1 –Jett’s ‘The Future of Streaming Services’

Jett’s project showcases music and up and coming artists through the online platform ‘Tik Tok’, as he investigates the future of music on various streaming services. In my comment I mentioned to Jett that he needs to include more subject based materials, as well as further academic sources. As Jett had spoken about the use of Cybernetics and Human Knowing by Gregory Bateson, and Cyber culture as his overarching theme, I delved deeper into his project looking through his Tik Tok’s. I found…

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